The terms wheels and rims are used interchangeably in Singapore and in most parts of the world. In some countries, rims are also known as ‘Mag Wheels’ or ‘Mags’. Rims enhances the appearance of the car as well as the performance of the car. However, excessively large wheels may end up reducing your car’s performance, due to unnecessary weight. In another words, there is a limit to how much you can ‘plus-size’ your rims.  Plus sizing means increasing the size of your rims.

In general, alloy rims, or sport rims, would be lighter than the steel wheels. Less weight  means better fuel consumption and faster acceleration. Owners will also find that the handling of the car would improve, especially during corners. This is because of the less tyre roll from the lower side walls of the tyres when the rims have been plus sized. You see, as the rims get larger, the profile of the tyres will have to be lowered in order to ensure that the outer circumference of the wheels, also known as the rolling radius, remains the same. This is particular important if you want to have accurate readings from your speedometer. Tyres are also likely to wear out faster on bigger rims.

In selecting your rims, you will also need to take note of the specifications that would suit your car, for example,  tyre offset, bolt pattern and PCD.  You can learn more about the right specification of your rims to match your car on our website. offers a wide range of new rims or used rims in Singapore.