People have been asking about converting from a normal plate vehicle to a ROPC. Here is contribution by one of our customers.

I have recently converted the family car to an off peak car under the revised off peak car scheme (ROPC). For that I am entitled to $2200 cash rebate every year and road tax rebate of $500. If you work that out, it comes to around $7 savings per day. [Do note that there are fees payable at LTA for the conversion, and to factor in the cost of inspection and the number plate]

The whole process took around 3 hours and suggest that you do it on a Saturday. First, drop by LTA to put in your application. Make sure you have already bought your car insurance to cover for one year from the date of conversion. Reason is that you will be issued with a one year road tax on the spot and LTA will need to see prove that you have insurance cover for the one year. Print out your insurance certificate. Also, when you drop by LTA, bring along your NRIC and your current road tax disc (the blue one). Inspection certificate where necessary. Suggest to arrive early to avoid long waiting time. LTA opens at 8am. For me, I arrived at 8:30am and queue was about 30 minutes long. Transaction was quick and hassle-free once you have the required documents.

Once done at LTA, you will be issued with a letter of conversion. With the letter of conversion, go to a shop around the area that makes number plate and provides the installation service. I had called up earlier to ask about price and told them that I will be going that Saturday. The process of making the plate is quick, just 10 minutes. Then you pay money for the service and you will have to drive to a nearby shop to get your plate installed.

ropcThe installation of the plate is most interesting. By the way, the installation fee is included when you pay at the number plate shop (address is at Blk 33 Sin Ming Drive #01-361 S575707). At the workshop, be prepared to wait around 30-60 minutes, depending on your queue and make of car. From what I heard, it’s easiest for Japanese and Korean cars. Conti cars take longer. Why? The mechanic has to find a spot to drill a hole for the seal, both front and back. And this seal will have to be welded to the body of your car. So to find the right spot can be a headache for some cars. What this means is that if you number plate is on your bumper, your bumper will be “weld” to the body of the car through a piece of metal. Therefore, to make any repairs or service that require the bumpers to come off, you will need to get approval from LTA to un-weld. A big hassle in my opinion.

Once the welding is done, go to VICOM at Sin Ming, which is just round the corner. For me, I kept right and drove straight to where the cars usually exit after their inspection. Find a lot and park. Then go and make payments at the counter which is at the back of the building. Once payment is made, pass the paperwork to the staff who is manning the station. The station is at the front of the building. It looks like a room with tinted glass. The person will get two metal pieces (front and back) for attachment to the seal that has been prepared by the mechanic at the shop. Once that is done, collect a green slip which is a certificate that your car has passed the inspection. This took me around 15 minutes. With that, your conversion is complete.

Easy and quick process. No need to get a dealer to process.