You are a proud owner of a brand new set of rims or have recently found your ideal second hand rims. To maintain the shine and lifespan of the sport rims, it will need regular cleaning and polishing. There are no two-ways about it.

wash rims

You will need:

  • Soft rags or washing mitt
  • Soft wheel cleaning brush
  • Mild wheel cleaner
  • Degreaser
  • Specific polish for your wheel’s finish: aluminium polish for polished aluminium wheels, automotive wax if your rims are finished with a clear coat
  1. Choose a warm day to do it but not in direct sunlight. Especially here in Singapore,  go under the shade or do it in a multi-storey carpark.
  2. Hose away any loose dirt or brake dust. Try to get rid of as much dirt as possible to reduce chances of scratching when you use the rags to clean the wheels. If you have pressure nozzle at home, use it.
  3. Add in the wheel cleaner to water and use wash mittens to gently scrub the rims. Use degreaser for stubborn dirt.
  4. Rinse the wheels with fresh water and us a lint free rag/cloth to dry them thoroughly to prevent water marks.
  5. Apply polish to the wheels and buff to finish.



      • Let your wheels cool down before cleaning them.
      • Use a toothbrush to reach less assessable parts of the wheels.
      • Dry the wheels promptly to reduce water marks on the wheels.
      • Avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia as it can cause spotting on aluminium wheels.
      • Stay away from electric buffers or wire wool pads. These can scratch your rims.
      • Do not use car wash wheel cleaners at all times!