Your Guide to Sport Rims

In Singapore, sport rims, or alloy wheels, are installed by car owners for two main reasons. Firstly, sport rims help to improve the cars’ performance. They are lighter and sturdier compared to the standard OEM or stock wheels. Being lighter, sport rims save on fuel, increase the car’s acceleration and enhance the car’s handling, especially when cornering. The other reason is to enhance the visual appeal of the car. Bigger rims make the car look sportier and “meaner”. Some owners may also choose to buy unique rim designs to differentiate their cars from the rest, thus customising and providing the personal touch to their cars.


Generally, by replacing the standard rims with larger rims, aka ‘plus-sizing’ or ‘up-stepping’, lower profile tyres will be fitted in order to keep the same rolling radius (the overall diameter of the tyre). Low profile tyres help to give the driver a more responsive driving experience as there is less tyre roll. The proportion of ‘flexibility’ from the tyre sidewalls is reduced in low profile tyres.

However, on bigger rims, tyres tend to wear out quicker and overly large rims may reduce your fuel efficiency. The rolling radius should always be kept the same to prevent tyre blowout and to ensure that your speedometer will continue to give you accurate readings.

To select the right rims and tyres for your car, you will need to consider the specifications of the rims, such as tyre offset, bolt pattern, PCD, and the tyre size. Usually, once you have selected your rims, there would be tyres to match.

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